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Workshops at Access2022 will be offered on Friday and Saturday morning following the Celebration sessions. Please take a moment to review the workshops you are most interested in. A few more options may be added shortly.

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Strengthening relationships between Elders and Staff
Multiple staff and elder leadership relationships are essential for a healthy church. Clear expectations of who is “in charge” and who makes decisions can often be complex and cause tension without clear expectations. This workshop will give insight into strengthening relationships and developing clear leadership responsibilities and expectations. Facilitated by Jon Rauch for Inspire Pastor’s Network.

Healthy Relationships for Pastors’ Wives

Relationship goals. Do you know what yours are?  Are they biblically based?
We will spend time sharing and discussing how the relationship goals we have for our church, for our families and for our own relationship with God may need some biblical adjustment.  We have a unique opportunity in how we model “doing relationships”.  Are you overwhelmed by this or are you embracing this as part of the call you said yes to?  We, as Pastor’s Wives, are a part of “God being glorified in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations for ever and ever! Amen.” (Ephesians 3:21)  It’s our hope that our time together will encourage you to embrace and leverage the unique role you have to maximize God being glorified in the church. Facilitated by Charis Women.

Hispanic Leadership Training 1

Entrenamiento de Liderazgo Hispano 1                             
Facilitated by Steve Bailey and Brian Baughman.

Developing Next Gen Leaders

How to reach, engage, equip and unleash the next generation leaders in your church.
Join Momentum Ministry Partners leadership for an in-depth conversation about how you can equip today’s young Christian leaders for tomorrow’s opportunities.
Facilitated by Momentum Ministry Partners.

Loving My Neighbor … Using Force?

Is there any biblical justification for the use of ‘force’ in order to do good as we love and care for our neighbor?”
In 2022 alone, we’ve seen one sovereign nation invade and attempt to destroy its neighbor, a shooting at a worship gathering in Southern California and the multiple deadly school shootings. Are Christ followers always required to “turn the other cheek?” Are there justifiable circumstances for the use of “force” to protect my family, my neighbor, my church or my nation? Can the use of “force” be a moral good? Together we will explore the principles of “Just War Theory” and their implications today.
Facilitated by Chaplain (Colonel) Mark Penfold, USA Ret. and Dr. Don Shoemaker.

Sexual Brokenness Inside Our Churches

A Safe Place for All to Finding Healing
Most everyone knows someone exploring their sexuality outside God’s boundaries, so how do we maintain a gospel that isn’t just for heterosexual sinners? Tragically, the Church is the last place people think to turn when struggling with sexual or gender identity issues. To that end we’ll explore a case study that can captivate our imaginations for how our churches can point all people to Jesus, while maintaining the courage and conviction Scripture demands of us. Facilitated by the Charis Symposium.

God’s Calling on Grandparents

Building a Legacy of a Life Worth Following
Many people in our culture look at grandparenting primarily as an opportunity to make occasional fun memories with their grandkids. There’s often little thought given to the idea of intentionally and spiritually pouring into grandchildren. Join author Larry McCall in a highly practical workshop that explores how to confidently carry out the mission of gospel-focused grandparenting. Facilitated by Larry McCall.

When Autonomy became Independence

The surprising journey of the North American church toward self-sufficiency – and why it hinders us today.
Assigned by the global Charis Alliance to develop a ‘theology of interdependence,’ Dave is taking a deep dive into the social and historical factors that combined to create our unique expression of local churches in North America. How does our model compare to the New Testament? To the rest of the world? Today’s discussion should whet your appetite for much more to come! Facilitated by Dave Guiles on behalf of the Charis Alliance

Connecting to the lifeline of Ministry Cohorts

Charis Collective: The Center for Thriving Leaders
Have you ever felt alone or unsupported in ministry? Many leaders have already discovered the incredible blessing of ministry cohorts that extend beyond one’s local church setting. This workshop will introduce the opportunity to connect with ministry cohorts that focus on relational ministry through encouragement and collaboration. Facilitated by Grace Theological Seminary.

Intercultural Biblical relationships

Navigating relationships between people of various cultures & beliefs
Loving others who look and talk like you can be easy, but what happens when they seem to be your total opposite? After a lifetime of international ministry, Jim Hocking shares how he learned to love, serve and work alongside people of other cultures, beliefs and even religions, and make the greatest of friends in spite of all the differences.  He will share from his book, “One Drop of Water” as well as through other experiences what that looks like as we empower those we work with who have some different beliefs and practices while not compromising our Beliefs and Practices. Facilitated by Water For Good


Relationship Evangelism:

How to create a relational evangelism strategy for your church

We will walk through a step-by-step process to help you think more relationally about evangelism, and to move from an event-driven system to a more process-oriented, team-based strategy. Facilitated by Mark Artrip & Wade Rininger.



Reinventing Church

5 Keys for the Future
Come learn from Jeff Bogue & Kadi Cole what 5 key elements they are seeing in the church that should be rethought in a post-pandemic world. Both of these leaders are in active and on-going coaching roles with many churches and are sure this conversation will both challenge and encourage you in your leadership role.

Be on Mission & Grow in Biblical Relationships

How Short Term Ministry Teams Can Build Better Biblical Relationships
Discover the real benefits of being on mission–not just the activities of the ministry itself, but the tremendous spiritual and relational impact of the whole process. We will demonstrate the multi-faceted learning that happens uniquely through ministry teams. After having led hundreds of teams over the years, we want to share perspectives on how ministry teams can build better and more biblical relationships both with ministry partners and especially with those in your church family. There is nothing like the relational growth that can occur as you engage on mission together. Facilitated by Philip Bryant.

Unleashing the Potential of Disciple-Making Relationships

How disciple-making can radically transform you and your church
Jesus was clear, “Go and make disciples…” but what does that look like personally and how does that work in the local church context? Come and hear the stories of two different pastors in two different contexts as the compare and contrast their approach and what they’ve learned as they seek to make disciples. Facilitated by Tim Sprankle and Dave Holmes.

Giving & Receiving

How God has designed biblical relationships to strengthen the Church.
Drawing from observations made in 1 Corinthians 12, Romans 12, 1 Peter 5 and Ephesians 4, this Workshop will focus on how God’s gifts build up God’s people for God’s glory–and our good. Facilitated by Timothy Clothier.

Leading Through Crisis

Keeping your head while others are losing theirs
Shepherding people through the last couple years has pushed every leader to their breaking point. You will hear insights from a local pastor, some Encompass missions staff, and you!  Don’t waste the recent crisis by just getting through it. Facilitated by Dan Allen and Dan Jackson.

Side by Side

Walking with others in Wisdom and Love
Drawing from the book Side By Side by Ed Welch, we will explore how we can get into the rhythm of asking for help and getting help and building uplifting and encouraging relationships along the way. Facilitated by Charis Women.

Hispanic Leadership Training 2

Entrenamiento de Liderazgo Hispano 2
Facilitated by Steve Bailey and Brian Baughman.

Loving Your Neighbors Phygitally

How a phygital church builds relationships and grows your Church
The first step to embrace phygital is to make onsite and online experiences friends rather than foes. Phygital Church is about leveraging physical and digital relationships to serve God’s master plan for evangelism by loving our neighbors. Come explore the phygital and digital neighborhood. Facilitated by Dan O’Deens.

Hope for Health

How Winning in Your Health Strengthens Relationships
In this workshop we will review biblical support for investing in our physical health, discover hope for Jesus’ busy servants to make real and lasting improvements in their health, and explore how expanding health to your whole person can optimize your ministry and relationships. 3 John 1:2 says “Dear friend, I pray that you may prosper in every way and be in good health physically just as you are spiritually.” And yet, those who care for others most, often care for themselves least. The nature of ministering to others can lead us to a difficult place in our personal health. Learning new habits of health in components such as sleep, hydration, nutrition, and thought life can turn our bodies into a more effective ministry asset. Facilitated by Jeffrey & Joyce Brown

Teams and Streaming (In That Order!)

Excellence in streaming our worship services online begins with a commitment to cultivate a thriving community of worshipers and tech teams.
You have made, or will be making a significant investment in your church’s online presence. By investing in your church’s tech team, your online presence can become more dynamic than you ever imagined. Your services, both in-person and online, can flourish. In this seminar we’ll offer suggestions on fostering community online, building your tech ministry, and discuss philosophy, strategies, and tips and techniques of church tech for streaming. Oh, and gear; We’ll also be talking about gear! With time for Q & A at the end. Facilitated by Walter Brath – Worship Arts Professor – Grace College